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Haht Jam! Ice cream

Our Haht Head, Christina G., came up with this recipe for Haht Jam! Ice Cream. We won the Foodie Award 2014 from the Hot Pepper Awards in Brooklyn by just pouring it over, but this recipe Christina created is even better....

She's a buzy gal so here's the quick version:

1 container of Vanilla Ice Cream - brand of your choice.

1 jar of Haht Jam! Habanero Berry

4 warm waffles

Defrost the container of Vanilla Ice Cream, until soft enough to mix

Add to mixer.

Pour in a jar Haht Jam!

Mix until fully blended.

Place back in container and freeze.

When ready, scoop onto a waffle (or even a warm big sugar cookie) and make a sandwich.

Eat up.

Thanks, Christina G!!

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