Stirling Rose (Booze Free)

Stirling Rose (Booze Free)

We love this all day long: with or without the buzz. This is made with Vinada Alcohol Removed Sparkling Rosé

  • Fill your glass 3/4 and top with Haht Mix: Spicy Berry, for a little spicy sensation that you have never tasted before.
  • (Note: some alcohol removed rosé wines are really sweet - we love Vinada Sparkling Rosé since it is a little drier.)
  • For the little buzz: we recommend Josh’s Sparkling Rosé or any Rosé you love. The drier the Rosé the better, since the Haht Mix: Spicy Berry adds the sweet and spicy notes.

If it’s hot outside add a few cubes- keep the bottles in the fridge and/or on ice on your golf cart, or on the boat etc, for a cold, cold, cold, delicious beverage you can sip all day.

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